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Trifecta Charlie

A Three Legged Greyhound Derp

The Lows and The Highs

February 11th, 2018 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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[Charlie Friday Morning 2/9/2018]

[Charlie Saturday Night 2/10/2018 after human albumin serum transfusion]

Charlie has had some complications post surgery. The vet diagnosed him with edema in his remain rear leg before surgery. Post surgery his front two legs became swollen. They suspected this is the result of a systematic response due to all the trauma he has been through. He received a blood plasma transfusion on Wednesday 2/7/18 earlier in the week as his blood protein levels were low. Friday morning, the swelling spread to his face and the rest of his chest/belly area. The plasma transfusion did not help with his protein levels (low albumin) and the doctors gave him a human albumin serum transfusion Friday afternoon 2/9/18. Since the albumin transfusion Charlie has been on the rebound. The swelling left his face and torso as of Sunday 2/11/18 and swelling has gone down in his legs (though still remains). He has gained his appetite back (hard to resist cold cuts) and his normal color is returning to his skin. Apart from now getting him acclimated with his new leg situation, the doctors suspect that the incision where they amputated his leg is infected. We are waiting on the culture results back to see if we need to change the antibiotics.

Overall I am feeling much better about his condition at this moment than I did on Friday. Saturday night he actually tried to get up by himself (though to no avail).  Things are looking up, but we still have an uphill battle on three legs to win.

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  • jerry

    Wow Charlie, this totally scared us. We are SO glad you’re feeling good again and getting that sparkle back in your eyes! 3-paws up to your humans and your vets for doing such a good job on your tricky recovery.

    Love you sweetie, get well soon!

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